For any successful business data and analytics plays an important role and it requires a deep knowledge and experience of analysing data, which is hard to find. Big Data Hadoop is the key technology behind data analytics and to hire an expert anyone can search for a big data hadoop certified professional, who can instil his expertise to produce a fruitful result. For any organization sometimes it may be hard or challenging to find a skilled professional and here is where the certification can help out. The one who will be Hadoop certified can provide an excellent support and technical assistance to the organization.

In recent years both certified and non-certified but experienced data analytics professionals have got the success. There are a number of big data certifications available from various universities. The organizations keep on searching for a data scientist and analyst who are expert in big data analytics, not only this instead the organizations keep on searching for a data architect for big data, the one who can build and design the data pipeline for the systems. The developers of big data are also in high demand.

If one wants to build his or her career in big data, then again the rising demand of big data certified professionals can provide them a promising career. As the organizations pay high and remain in search of right skills of experience and right skill set. If you want to build a fresh career in big data, or want to switch to this technology or want to have a proof of your skill, then for every case the big data certification can help you a lot and provide you a new way to get success in your career path. Even the online hadoop certifications are also available.

A few of the Most Sought Certifications

Analytics Certification

This is an undergraduate program and is one of the most suitable certification for data analyst, business, and operation and marketing managers. This program is offered to develop analysis, statistics and oral and written skills. The tools introduced in this certification can analyze large datasets, building analytics models, importing data to the software package, finding variable correlation to design and explore the best data model for the business and much more.

Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization (CPEE)

This certification is available in India and is a program of 18 weeks. Various courses that come under this certification are R and Hadoop Skills, data analytics, text mining, machine learning, text optimization and statistical modelling. The certification exam consists of a series of questions and a live project. Fees of the complete program is Rs, 3,25,000 and application fee is Rs. 3000 + taxes. The admission is provided to the working professionals or by checking their academic background.

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

This is a non-degree program and consists of four basic courses which are probability and statistics, machine learning for Data Science, Algorithm for data science and exploratory data analysis and visualization. The fee of the course is $1,858 per credit. To join the course an undergraduate degree is required along with coursework of computer programming.

Certified Analytics Professional

This is a general analytics certification and certifies end-to-end understanding of the process of data analytics problems, which include framing analytics and business problems of modelling, deploying, and building data lifecycle. The fee for INFORM members is $495 and for others $695.

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer

In this certification the skill of transforming, processing and ingestion is tested using core cloudera enterprise tools and Apache Spark. The certification require to pss the remote-proctored CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam, and the exam consists of 8-12 performance based and task oriented questions, these questions are scenario based and the tools to be tested are Hive and Impala. In 120 minutes the candidates have to complete the exam. The cost of certification is $295.

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP): Data Engineer

This certification involves and tests the core performance to transforming, storing, ingesting and analyzing data in the environment of Cloudera’s CDH environment. In the exam the candidate will be given 5-8 customer problems, which involve large data set, a CDH cluster which have to be completed in four hours. The cost of certification is $400.

Apart from the above there are many certifications which can certify the candidates expertise.