Everyday new apps, devices, technical platforms are evolving, just to provide advance and featured technical platform to the user. Evolution of new platforms, frameworks and  technologies have made it essential to test all newly developed apps on mobile platforms as well, which makes the jo of tester more complicated. Here we have discussed a few hacks which can make the tester or QAs job quite easier.

Challenges for mobile app tester

Prior to discussing the solutions of challenges, lets see the commonly faced challenges by the mobile app tester, which are multitude of mobile devices, OS fragmentation, variety of testing tools, different types of mobile apps like Native, HTML5 and Hybrid, performance testing, numerous test interfaces and many more. Before testing a mobile app tester should know both the problem and its relevant solution, so that if at any time he stucks between any of these challenges he must know the way to overcome the challenge. Following discussed solutions can help the tester in this regard, which are essential to take care and every mobile app tester must be familiar with.

Solutions of the Problems

Know the goal, scope and nature of the Application

A good mobile or application tester always understands the goal and scope of the application as the first step. So being a QA or mobile app tester one should understand the deep scope and goal of the project to know its nature, its goal and its scope.

Who are your target customers

Today the mobile users expect much more from their mobile apps rather than their desktop or web app. Tester must know who will be their target users and what can be their expectation from the mobile. If you will know your target customers or audience then you can downsize the focus and testing efforts and find out what is essential for the app and what functionality must be there in the app, which could be liked or disliked. Online ios training, online android training programs can help in learning the complete process.

Testing Strategy and Plan

For any application there must be a properly planned strategy which must have complete guidelines to be followed. A proper and planned strategy can ensure sufficient test coverage and provide stability and consistency to the app. Online qa training can provide you better understanding of the concept.

Real Device Test

However the simulators or emulators can be used to test any app, but they are suitable for just early stage development, but the testing performed on the real device can ensure the better performance and provide real output of the operation. The tester or QA can know that how will the app look on the real device. So testing the app on real devices including mobile or any other handheld device can provide better result and provide the idea of performance. For this the tester can build a list of devices and OS like Android, Windows, iOS and others, for which you will design the test strategies. You can also avoid the outdated devices or use simulators or emulators for those devices.  One can learn the platform based development through any online ios development training program.

Test User Experience

As the app is designed for the user so user experience testing is very much important. The application must be tested properly for UI consistency, visual issues, custom device feedback, responsive design behavior, user journey execution and the application specific functionality, user interaction visualization and much more.

Test Web and Mobile App Separately

When the app is developed only for mobile then the testing process must consist of installation testing along with its launch process. Moreover the API connection testing may also be required. However if the application is a web or responsive app, then the network connection testing for mobile data, 2G, 3G, Wifi must be tested, moreover the test must be done for different browsers, load and performance testing must be done for web and mobile platforms both.

Automation Testing

Automation can improve the performance of any app and increase the testing speed as well. Especially for the responsive app automation testing can improve the testing speed drastically. Even addition of new test cases can also speed up the testing speed and the development process.

 Security Testing

Security or app vulnerability is one of the major concerns for every app. The app must be checked for authentication and encryption, the app must be checked for third party software or services and identify the malicious code or loop holes in the app, which can be a security risk for that particular app.

Check for app update or version launches as well

Any mobile or web app can have a number of versions in the future, so for this reason it is must to check the installation and un-installation processes along with the updates version installation. There must not e any issue in any of these processes.

The candidates can learn the testing through any online qa testing course. Many institutes provide such career oriented training with certification.