Microsoft .Net launched in the year of 2003 and at that time cloud computing, mobile apps and iOT like smart technology platforms were not in existence, but .Net still is an in-demand language, which is relevant as well and has many capabilities. However today a number of tools have been evolved, but still many applications are being developed in .Net and it is a backbone of those applications. Microsoft .Net has completed 15 years on Feb 13 2017. The general manager of Microsoft explained that how it fits into the modern day technologies like iOS, mobile and Android, even the new tools like SQL Server, Xamarian and TypeScript.

Still Microsoft is performing lots of innovations in .Net framework for building Windows and mobile application; even it can compete with the iOT technologies as well. It has been taken to the open source technologies and a number of Technical groups like Google, Samsung, JetBrains are also taking interest in this emerging and existing technical platform. The number of downloads have been continuously. So it is the technology which is still on boon and on GitHub even 60% contribution is still coming and there are 24,000 developers, 1,600 companies which are still contributing .Net core.

Dot Net as a Career Option

So if anyone is seeking to make a career in this everlasting technology, then he or she can still learn and make it the choice for lifelong career. For that offline and online both types of certifications are available, dot net certification even can help the aspirants to prove his or her ability for the platform. For dot net even Microsoft also provide the certification through which one can achieve his or her career goal. The Microsoft certified professionals are still in demand and will always remain popular.

Dot net always keep the developer’s productivity in consideration and therefore it keep on evolving world class development tools, syntax, an active technical community, so that the developers can build any application in fast manner, which are reliable and one can even iterate it man times, as per requirement. Any type of latest dot net training either offline or online dot net training institute today provides the hands on experience for the tools and technologies of dot net and can make the aspirants perfect and experienced developer. Learning Xamarian technology can even make the candidate proficient, and he or she can develop the application compatible with all latest devices and OSes including .iOS, Android and Windows core. It is one of the fastest language and is approximately eight times faster than Node.js.

DevOps Certification and Training

As for overall development and progress of any organization DevOps is the best platform, which can increase the ability of any organization to deliver the projects in fast manner. It can mange and collaborate the communication between project management team members, so many organizations are adopting this technology for their performance improvement. Following are a few strengths of .DevOps technology, which makes it essential and suitable for all platforms:

· Agile Value

· Agile Methods

· Agile Principles

· Agile Tools

DevOps (development and operations) platform can provide the better collaboration between development and operation team, so can assure the success of the product. Timely development of any quality product can provide an organization better client base and build their market image string, so they are accepting DevOps as their technological partner. Implementation of such an Agile technology can link various organizational community to integrate them. Better communication between IT operations and development team can fulfil the organizational needs in a better way.

Learning DevOps Technology

Today a number of latest technologies are evolving and providing better platforms to the organizations, DevOps is one of them. Learning this evolving technology can provide any job aspirant better career option. As today a number of software development organizations are using DevOps for their inter-departmental collaboration, so the demand of certified and trained DevOps candidates is also increasing. Learning such a technology, which is like a backbone of software industries can provide a promising and long lasting career option to anyone, who want to make his technical career debut.

There are a number of training institutes for DevOps technology, one can learn offline and online the technology. The online devops certification can be advantageous. The course content and structure is also made available so that candidates can know what they will learn during the course. The institutes generally teaches coding, configuring, testing, building, performance tuning, monitoring and logging like technical aspects of DevOps. The classes in online training can also be arranged at the desired time. To learn DevOps the candidate must have the knowledge of Windows OS, so we can say that it is a pre-requisite for learning DevOps.