Virtualization and Cloud Computing software provider VMWare is much popular and this California based company was founded in 1998. The server virtualization concept of VMWare can allow the user to run multiple OS on a single platform or physical server by sharing the resources like Ram and networking resources. VMWare is one of the most popular technologies due to its advanced features. Having a promising career in such a technology, which is on boon can be advantageous and give a job security as well to any new aspirant, who is looking to have a career in VMWare technology.

Now when it comes learning this innovative technology, then there can be a number of options for the aspirants, like one can learn the technology either through the learning stuff available on internet or by joining any online VMware training course, which can help them in understanding the technical concepts of VMWare and getting the certificate as well. Depending upon the convenience of learner one can choose any preferable learning mode. Having a proper certification can prove the proficiency of the learner and provide the all required knowledge of this technology.

If you will see then there is only one certification is available, which is issued by VMWare itself, known as VCP (VMWare Certified Professional), though to pass the exam one will have to attend the training class from any approved center and then will have to appear in the exam, which will have to be clear with high enough score. One who clears the exam becomes eligible to be a certified VMWare Instructor or VCI. This certificate in not the only one, which can be obtained to be a certified VMWare professional, instead there are a few others as well which can help the aspirants in making a promising career in this technology. Read below to explore them.

 VCP or VMWare Certified Professional Certification

This certification of VMWare proves that the professional has the basic knowledge of vSphere and the VCP test is conducted by the company to provide the certification. The certification involves following technical aspects of VSphere:

1)      Installation, configuration and management of VMWare vSphere.

2)      Fast Track VMWare vSphere

3)      Troubleshooting of VMWare vSphere

This certification is quite general and is not specific for a particular aspect of VMWare. Aspirants can become VMWare consultant, partner or vSphere professional after completion of this certificate, for which they will have to attend the training as well from any authorized VMWare institute.

VCAP or VMWare Certified Advanced Professional certification

This is another VMWare certification which can provide data centre administration or infrastructure design expertise. The Data Centre Administration certification is known as (VCAP-DCA). This certification provides the knowledge of advanced technical aspects of vSphere and focuses on managing, implementing, administering and maintaining vSphere and also includes automation and troubleshooting of vSphere by using the scripting tools like PowerCLI. To appear in this advanced level certification, it is must to clear the basic level first.

Another advanced level certification is VCAP-DCD or advanced certification in data centre designing, which focuses on vSphere infrastructure design information of the aspirant. The exam checks the expertise level of vSphere infrastructure implementation, which include its networking, storage, integration and interconnectivity with other components with the outside and within the vSphere VMWare components. Any VCP certified professional can appear in this certification exam.

VCDX or VMWare Certified Design Expert

Any VMWare professional who has been passed both the the advanced certifications, VCAP is eligible to apply for VCDX certification exam. This certification involves the questions from vSphere infrastructure designing and the certified professionals are known as masters of VMWare technology. The prerequisite to clear this exam is to have VCAp-DCA and VCAP-DCD certification. In this exam the aspirants are asked to submit a real or fictitious design and implementation plan of VMWare. Approval of the submitted design is not enough instead the aspirant is asked to justify the plan in front of board members, and if the members approve the plan then this VCDX certificate is approved to the aspirant.

So, one can apply for these certification as per his or her own interest and the online VMware certification also can help them to prove their skill or ability. The certification gives the basic vSphere knowledge to the aspirant which can be taken to the advanced level. When one applies for any job, then the employer may ask for the certification to ensure the expertise level of the candidate and it is the certificate, which can prove your eligibility and you can stand out from others by obtaining any of the above listed cerification. If you want to make a successful career in this technology then having VMWare certification must be included in your goals.