Software automation tools have been in demand from a long time and challenging as well. Even a few of the software companies have done their testing steps entirely automated. DevOps has made the testing automation a requirement, especially for the rapid deployment needs.

However, it is not easy to automate the complete test process, as it involves code writing when you automate the testing and for the code the argument is the broken code of the software, due to which it may become difficult to write a double code based testing automation software.

Scriptless tools, which do not require any code are the best for automated testing. A survey done by Sauce labs reported that around 87% of the software companies are using testing tools, but around 42% of them revealed that their testing phase still has manual involvement, said Diane Hagglund, who is a principal researcher at diamond research and conducted this research.

Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri said that when he conducted a survey about testing automation, then found that not even a single enterprise was more than 20% automated, but a tool used by Tricentis, which is Tosca does not require any scripting, and the user need not to posses any technical skill to use this software or testing tool to build the test cases, so now even the manual testers can become an automation expert without learning coding.

Even expert says that it is necessary to streamline the automation task, in order to achieve DevOps operations successfully and which again depends upon tool chain automation. For that the automation should be achieved up to the level where you can complete the task, just by clicking a button, and this is the goal of sciptless software.

If you also have manual testers in your company, then you cannot ask them to write the code, but you can train them to become a certified tester or developer and for that you can ask them to have selenium webdriver certification, with which they can generate the test cases for that there are a number of online certificate providers are present , by getting enrolled for the certification you can provide the complete knowledge to your test team members.

For this new world of DevOps the manual testers may sometime feel lacking behind, and in a number of cases the tension has been observed between developer and the testers, and can only be  eliminated by training the manual testers. For browser automation you can use the Selenium Webdrivers for which the selenium webdriver certification can help you a lot.

If the complexity will be completely removed from the manual testing, then you can get the quality and tested software.  Selenium certification and the devops training can also bridge the gap between developer and tester process. The tester will be able to design the test cases and within no time. Although manual testers will always remain in demand and none of the automation tool can be as much efficient as the manual tester, but a completely certified and trained manual tester help to execute the testing operation efficiently, without any bug.

The online selenium training partners are present in the market, from where you can take the help in getting certified the manual testers without leaving their job. Certification will make them efficient tester and developer for the automated testing, so joining any institute which has expert, qualified and experienced trainers can be a good step for your testing team. For any business software, the Selenium can be a better automated testing tool.

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