Before we dive right in the topic of discussing what the top online resources for SQL training are, let us know what SQL stands for and what it does. SQL is basically “Structured Query Language” is a programming language which is standardized for the management of relational databases and for performing different kinds of operations on any given data in them.

We are surrounded by companies and businesses that is driven on data, and in order to get an insight into that data for the purpose of marketing, operations, strategy etc one must have a enormous database to rely upon and an efficient method to manage the database. It is a must for everyone in modern world to have a basic understanding of SQL, as it is a skill which is greatly employable irrespective of whether you are an IT professional or not.  For those who are keen on getting trained in this skill, here is our list of top online resources for it.


This website claims to be the web developing portal which is the best, that provides different kinds of training in various web developing languages such as CSS, JavaSScript, HTML, PHP, JQuery and of course SQL. There are various training levels offered to different kinds of students. In the SQL training courses offered, they tend to teaching Syntax, Functions and keywords. The students can test their queries online anytime they want without the need of registration.

JanBask Training:

This online platform provides a wide range of coding courses that are explained in a way which is easy to understand and easy to remember. Once the student has registered for the course and paid the fee, there is an unlimited number of lectures and study material which they could access from the website. Not to forget the virtual certification provided by the website after the successful completion of the course. The expert instructors help the students via interactive classes and lectures by guiding them in their projects and tests.

Vertabelo Acedemy:

There are various SQL interactive courses offered at this online portal, which are directly available in the browser. The course gives a thorough insight into data management, table creation, SQL queries and more. The course by the name “SQL Queries” commence with queries that are simple, which later on progress to the GROUP BY queries to the much advanced topics such as subqueries. The other courses that are offered are “Creating Tables in SQL”, “Operating on Data in SQL” and such other courses that guides the student through all sort of topics that gives a in-depth knowledge into SQL learning.

Khan Academy:

There are various micro lectures provided by Khan Academy through the popular youtube video mode, followed by various practice exercises as well as learning dashboard which is personalized. Collectively all these tools can help the student to learn the key skills at their own pace whether are in the classroom or outside it. The website offers free course of SQL which gives an introduction to SQL, Querying and managing the data.

The course consists of 5 parts which starts with the fundamentals of SQL, that continues on to more advance levels in learning. The USP of the training portal is that the students can register through online social media portals such as youtube, facebook etc and can ask their questions and queries about the tutorials.
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