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5 Myth Buster For Testing Professionals

I have seen frequency of certain misconceptions among people about Software Testing. Here are some myths about software career, Let’s see what are they?

Myth 1: Testers get intricate only post development in the project life cycle

This is one of the major myths. If it is a truth, the project has enormous problems.m Including QA at a future stage is a big risk to excellence and the list of the deliverable’s.

Testers want the equivalent amount of time as developers. This is to recognize the necessities, analyse gaps, make their deliverable’s, plan and implement tests. If testers are intricate at the future stage of the project, then they depend on the developers thoughtful and follow it while testing the product. And it’s very improbable to expand the quality of the deliverable’s in the end.

As an alternative, a test team must have their own outlook, thoughtful, analysis, time, and contribution from the beginning. This will not only help QA team test improved but also lets the complete project team implement improved quality assurance. Many officialdoms realize this and comprise their QA teams from the project’s beginning.

Myth 2: Testing is simple and anybody can test software.

Numerous people undertake that testing is a simple job as there is no/less coding intricate and anybody can be a tester. Software testing is a thought-provoking job it demands traits like understanding testing practices, originality, problem solving, preparation, eye to detail, patience, announcement and online QA certification. It is never simple to come up with situations to break the system.

This myth is still deep-rooted in the observances of people. You often see the developers who are unsuccessful to deliver or the freshers with no formal training being strapped to testing by the management pretentious that anyone can test. Software testing is a desire and everybody cannot excel in it. It’s our accountability as a tester to persuade the administration that they are wrong.

Myth 3: Testing team alone is accountable for assuring quality.

The purposes of testing comprise finding and averting defects, gaining sureness on the system under test, providing info related to app quality to the investors so that they can choose whether to have a release or not. Quality is not exclusively the accountability of the QA. Quality is everyone’s accountability. Quality is a development matter, not a testing issue. Developers need to be answerable for the quality of code they inscribe. Testing provides info regarding the excellence. Testing process cannot advance the quality unless the bugs stated are fixed.

Myth 4: Testing is just documentation/filling excel pages

Primarily, let me powerfully say this, documentation is a job of everybody working on a project. An exact, comprehensive and accurate document gives a basis and historical indication about the project.

Though, for testers, documentation is more significant because the deliverable we create is not a database or module, but it is guaranteed quality which takes a compact shape through things. MS Office suite is the go-to choose for utmost teams but to take it to the following level, practice test management software which you can learn through online QA testing course .

Myth 5: Testers have low pay scale

If this is happening to a tester, then he/she is at the incorrect place and might require to deliberate a change. Taking said that, pay depends on a lot of factors and to say that being a tester is the lone aim why you will be paid lessFind Article, it’s not correct.


How to get big data certification

For any successful business data and analytics plays an important role and it requires a deep knowledge and experience of analysing data, which is hard to find. Big Data Hadoop is the key technology behind data analytics and to hire an expert anyone can search for a big data hadoop certified professional, who can instil his expertise to produce a fruitful result. For any organization sometimes it may be hard or challenging to find a skilled professional and here is where the certification can help out. The one who will be Hadoop certified can provide an excellent support and technical assistance to the organization.

In recent years both certified and non-certified but experienced data analytics professionals have got the success. There are a number of big data certifications available from various universities. The organizations keep on searching for a data scientist and analyst who are expert in big data analytics, not only this instead the organizations keep on searching for a data architect for big data, the one who can build and design the data pipeline for the systems. The developers of big data are also in high demand.

If one wants to build his or her career in big data, then again the rising demand of big data certified professionals can provide them a promising career. As the organizations pay high and remain in search of right skills of experience and right skill set. If you want to build a fresh career in big data, or want to switch to this technology or want to have a proof of your skill, then for every case the big data certification can help you a lot and provide you a new way to get success in your career path. Even the online hadoop certifications are also available.

A few of the Most Sought Certifications

Analytics Certification

This is an undergraduate program and is one of the most suitable certification for data analyst, business, and operation and marketing managers. This program is offered to develop analysis, statistics and oral and written skills. The tools introduced in this certification can analyze large datasets, building analytics models, importing data to the software package, finding variable correlation to design and explore the best data model for the business and much more.

Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization (CPEE)

This certification is available in India and is a program of 18 weeks. Various courses that come under this certification are R and Hadoop Skills, data analytics, text mining, machine learning, text optimization and statistical modelling. The certification exam consists of a series of questions and a live project. Fees of the complete program is Rs, 3,25,000 and application fee is Rs. 3000 + taxes. The admission is provided to the working professionals or by checking their academic background.

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

This is a non-degree program and consists of four basic courses which are probability and statistics, machine learning for Data Science, Algorithm for data science and exploratory data analysis and visualization. The fee of the course is $1,858 per credit. To join the course an undergraduate degree is required along with coursework of computer programming.

Certified Analytics Professional

This is a general analytics certification and certifies end-to-end understanding of the process of data analytics problems, which include framing analytics and business problems of modelling, deploying, and building data lifecycle. The fee for INFORM members is $495 and for others $695.

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer

In this certification the skill of transforming, processing and ingestion is tested using core cloudera enterprise tools and Apache Spark. The certification require to pss the remote-proctored CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam, and the exam consists of 8-12 performance based and task oriented questions, these questions are scenario based and the tools to be tested are Hive and Impala. In 120 minutes the candidates have to complete the exam. The cost of certification is $295.

Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP): Data Engineer

This certification involves and tests the core performance to transforming, storing, ingesting and analyzing data in the environment of Cloudera’s CDH environment. In the exam the candidate will be given 5-8 customer problems, which involve large data set, a CDH cluster which have to be completed in four hours. The cost of certification is $400.

Apart from the above there are many certifications which can certify the candidates expertise.


Top 5 online Resource for Business Analyst Training

As customary, it is a pre-requisite to know about Business Analysis and what a business Analyst does, before we get on with the topic of the top 5 online resources for Business Analyst training available on the world wide web, which can help you reach your goal.

In simple terms a business analyst makes an analysis of the business domain and documents the systems, processes or the business of a given company. He assesses the integration of the business with the technology and the business model. Traditionally, people who are recruited by the company are provided with the business analyst training by the company itself, but there are many new organizations that require the aspirants to have some kind of certification in the business analysis. So, here is the list of the top 5 online websites for business analyst training.

Smart BA:

There is a variety of training material available on this website. There are different modules that include functional analysis, process modeling, data modeling and much more. The website also provides articles and blogs about the most FAQs, the doubts and know-how, upcoming trends and integration processes of the business analysis.

Bridging the Gap:

This website provides an email course of 8 lessons about Business Analysis. It gives an insight into what the business analyst role requires, what are the challenges and the certifications or skills pre-requisite for the role. There is a lot of free course material which is available on the website. However, for the proper certification one can pay the fees and enroll on the website.

JanBask Training:

The Janbask Training website gives a quick outlook on what business analysis is, what the various future prospects are for a business analyst, why it is important to train in it and also gives the highlight to the various online training courses available on the Janbask training. Some of the various key features and benefits for the students training here is the affordable fee structures, after the fee is paid the student can access unlimited lectures while the duration of the course, Janbask training provides live and direct student-instructor interaction training.

Business Analysis Experts:

This online resource offers free of cost training in business analysis in form of Knowledge-nuggets, that are basically short videos of 5-9 minutes that are crafted to teach one topic of Business analysis per video. There are around 44 nuggets to opt from and the videos also include the various techniques of business analysis and overview of BA. This can be made use of by either a fresher or an expert since it is freely available online.

The Professional Training Academy:

This academy offers courses that are free. The name of the course is titled “The Art of defining complex problems via BA skills club”. The course basically sheds light on how one can define a problem which is complex and avoid solving the problems that are wrong. The course covers the various techniques like Observation, Journey mapping, Interviews and other essential techniques which can be used to solve business problems, There are interactive videos, tests as well as course material provided on this resource that can help the students.


Importance of Dot Net in Current Market Scenario

Dot Net is a prevalent and influential framework/ coding language that is practiced by numerous systems analyst all over the globe. Most of the by now accessible frameworks like Java or PHP take maintenance of unique layer or a portion of the product development. But .NET delivers app development in Object Oriented Programming model and help in the development of Web Services, Windows Application and Web Application. .NET also allows the expansion of applications in diverse Layered/Tiered models to effort on the chief occupational logic relatively than perturbing about non-application code. Visual studio has numerous structures like position highlighting, code snippets which styles the application development quickly and enhances the efficiency of developers.

  • .Net help to grow high presentation applications in a smaller amount time
  • .NET is flouting records and accomplishes faster than any other prevalent framework.
  • Employers can code on the .NET framework using Java also
  • . NET Software Developer / Programmer receives a great salary of $78,689 per year.

Growth of .NET Developer in IT market

In the race of plentiful virtual products, one which got the universal people’s benefit was .Net. In a short-term time frame, this new-fangled invention turned into the accommodation for the product developer group and now it’s been measured as the most emerging vocation selection, which simply shows that .Net development silently rules.

It’s developing growth has established on it the chief decision of numerous knowledgeable and students and now one can deliberate having an astonishing occupation begin in this field out of India as well. .Net is currently a portion of frequent universal marketplaces like USA, UAE, South Africa, UK and further developing nations and is moving forward with each passing day. With its respective new form .Net origination is proceeding at a rapid pace and making amazing beginnings for work for the engineers. With so numerous job predictions in this technology, selecting it will be a perfect choice for your profession.

Need to learn.NET in the current market scenario?

The IT sector is an extremely auspicious business with various service prospects. One of the core coding languages classifications that herd the worldwide development of the IT industry is .NET programming. This is an adaptable programming language that can be applied across software tools and products flexible to numerous complex and discrete system environments. They are perfect selections for structure software tools for Windows OS based net and server applications. There are adequate numbers of explanations that support the selection of .NET programming as a profession.

The service rates for .NET programming has not ever practiced a failure since beginning. In fact, the statistics are only progressively thwarting as the need for consistent and accessible architecture is only growing on a daily basis..NET programmers with upright interactive skills in vocal and non-verbal communication are much required after in the IT sector. .NET training increases the subject knowledge of a candidate. While relational skills are essential to be developed on their own through individual efforts.A .NET accreditation could be correctly called the primary step to becoming a .NET programmer. The specialized experts can build any kind of software tool or code that can be run self-sufficiently on web or mobile devices.


.NET technology is in excessive demands these times for the reason of its large number of exclusive and prolific structures and applications, and so are the dot net designers and programmers. As the IT marketplaces lacks smallest numbers of dot net specialists and most of the IT training businesses wants well skilled and specialists for .net development as they are not in an upright position as they were before after the downturn. Among all the available top online institutes like JanBask Training will help you to learn .Net in the below mentioned ways:

  • Get ready for internationally recognized Certifications, which makes you more attentive as well as employable in the occupation market.
  • An online course intended to make you a proficient in using MS.NET Framework with the coaches that are technically sound.
  • JanBask Training offers a lot of real-life situations and which makes you study all that is compulsory to generate real Windows Application and Web Services.

Top 5 online Resource for QA Testing training

QA simply means Quality Assurance in IT industry. In each business organization that develops services or products, the function of the quality assurance is systematic process of assessing to find whether or not the service or the product meets the specified requirements. Each company has a team of Quality assurance devoted exclusively for this job.

The key role of a QA team is to increase the confidence of the customer and to increase the credibility of the company. QA also has a hand in improving the efficiency of the company and the work processes, so as to enable the company to compete with their competitors. The QA training could be sought by either a college graduate who has passed recently or by an experienced professional so that they can switch to the QA team. Anyone from the field of IT and who would like to improve the QA skills must go for the following online resources.

Software testing training: The online resource provides unique topics to its students that aids them to work their way through the QA testing. Apart from the latest testing methods that are taught in the course, the website does not leave out the traditional ways of QA testing. There are online interactive classes provided by Software testing training, that give a feel of brainstorming sessions. The practice and assignment sessions helps the students to practically apply the skills that were taught to them theoretically.


The online portal provides the training to aspiring QA professionals the core concepts of the QA and software testing training. The training provided by the resource is interactive based on Selenium, JIRA, HP Quality center tools so as to provide the participants with real time experience. The main features of the courses are the 65 hours of training led by qualified instructors, industry based projects and its execution, lifetime access to the database knowledge online, and the QA certification at the end.

JanBask Training:

JanBask Training offers the participants the knowledge that is based on the current trends in the market of QA testing. Since QA is responsible for all aspects of the product related testings, it is pre-requisite that QA professional ought to be certified by the best training resource. The JanBask training assigns the participants with project works and assignments in real time to help them gain hands-on practical experience. Post the payment of fee, the students can make a full use of the unlimited lectures till the course lasts.

ProitOnline Training:

Proitonline consists of highly qualified faculty of trainers that are experts in the testing industry. The key course features offered are the live instructor training online, video lectures, Real time examples, assignments, mock interviews and a lot of study material. The objectives that each course aims to achieve are Automated and manual testing training, working experience in real time environment of QA and acquiring practical QA knowledge.


Guru99 provides its enrolled students the know-how of the concepts and basic skills in software testing. Each lesson is imparted via real life scenarios to enhance the knowledge of the student. The beginners are provided with special interactive online classes as well as video tutorials, who lack an experience in the testing. The website offers series of topics in QA testing that the aspiring participants can opt for training in.


How to Create Your First Approval Process in Salesforce

Salesforce approval process is an automated process which automated way of submitting a record for approval. An approval process is combination of steps for a record to be approved and person has to approve it each step. A step can apply to all the records to that object or just record that meets the certain criteria. An   approval process also specifies the action to take when a record is approved,


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Popular Salesforce Certifications for a Promising IT career

If you want to have a long lasting career in Salesforce, then Salesforce certification can be a great way to prove your skill and ability as a Salesforce professional and provide you better job opportunities. As Salesforce is one of the most in-demand skill set of IT industry these days, so any professional will definitely get benefit from Salesforce certification. Here we have listed possible and most popular Salesforce certifications from which you can choose the one of your choice and preference.



Top 5 Performance Testing Tools of 2017

Top 5 Performance Testing Tools of 2017

Testing is one of the most important and unavoidable step of software development. To test the performance of any software there are a number of ready to use tools in both licensed and open source versions.

For 2017 the most used performance testing tools are listed below:

JMeter Tool

JMeter is one of the mostly used and popular open source performance testing tools. Apache JMeter is basically used o test Java applications and the tool is designed to test the load and to measure software performance at that time. It can be considered as an alternative of Load Runner tool. The tool is designed to test the thick client Java application. Testers can find all of the required features, needed to test an application in JMeter tool. A few of the popular features of this tool are:

  • A User Interactive and featured IDE, which can be used for debugging, recording and building the performance test
  • It is one of the most trusted and used Performance testing tool.
  • Use Groovy as the default programming language
  • Is compatible and can test the hosting technologies, including Java Objects, SOAP, Resy Services, Databases with JDBC and FTP like services.

JMeter is a popular software, but has a few shortcomings as well e.g. it cannot test large scale distributed applications. To test the application, which require multiple machines JMeter cannot be a suitable testing tool. During qa testing training you will get all information about Jmeter and more tools


Taurus is again a testing tool, which uses YAML language. A ten line script can be described before testing; using which the testers can test the software either through JSON or YAML language. In YAML language the user can describe a readable and edible test approach using simple text file. Following are a few of the useful features of Taurus:

  • It is a perfect performance testing tool for CI/CD pipeline.
  • It can be supposed as an abstract of JMeter and of some other useful sub tools as well like Gatling, Locust, Grinder and Selenium as well.
  • This tool allows all team members to contribute in the test process, as the test case in written in simple language so everyone can read it and perform the testing process easily.


It (Locust) is the simple to use load testing tool and can perform testing in distributed environment. The tool is mainly used to test websites and other web applications. You can also test that how many users can simultaneously use the application. For each instance of the Locust separate behavior can be defined, through which you can monitor the application’s performance in real time. Some of the useful features of Locust:

  • Using Python language various test scenarios can be created
  • A nice web based user interface
  • Best tool to test APIs
  • Any number of users can be scaled up.

The Grinder

This is a Java load testing framework and provides an easy to run testing solution for a distributed environment. A number of load injector machines can be used to create distributed testing solutions. The Grinder has following features:

  • The Grinder can be used on any system, which has Java API
  • It has a nice GUI console
  • It can automatically handle the client’s cookies and connections

nGrinder Grinder

This is a Github tool, which can provide an enterprise level testing solution. The stress testing can be made easy and it can provide a new platform, where you can create, monitor and execute tests. This Github testing tool comes with following features:

  • The language used in nGrinder is Jython to create the test scenarios and the stress testing can be done against JVM platform.
  • It can use customer libraries like py and jar to extend the testing
  • You can monitor the testing state of your performance agents.

Apart from the above listed there are man other ready to use testing tools, which are used by the testers and are open source as well. One can easily download these tools and use them. Some other tools are Siege, Tsung, k6, Gatling,The Grinder and Fiddler. These tools can be used by developers or testers and they can easily test any web or desktop application.

Mobile App Testing Practices- A Must for QAs

Everyday new apps, devices, technical platforms are evolving, just to provide advance and featured technical platform to the user. Evolution of new platforms, frameworks and  technologies have made it essential to test all newly developed apps on mobile platforms as well, which makes the jo of tester more complicated. Here we have discussed a few hacks which can make the tester or QAs job quite easier.

Challenges for mobile app tester

Prior to discussing the solutions of challenges, lets see the commonly faced challenges by the mobile app tester, which are multitude of mobile devices, OS fragmentation, variety of testing tools, different types of mobile apps like Native, HTML5 and Hybrid, performance testing, numerous test interfaces and many more. Before testing a mobile app tester should know both the problem and its relevant solution, so that if at any time he stucks between any of these challenges he must know the way to overcome the challenge. Following discussed solutions can help the tester in this regard, which are essential to take care and every mobile app tester must be familiar with.

Solutions of the Problems

Know the goal, scope and nature of the Application

A good mobile or application tester always understands the goal and scope of the application as the first step. So being a QA or mobile app tester one should understand the deep scope and goal of the project to know its nature, its goal and its scope.

Who are your target customers

Today the mobile users expect much more from their mobile apps rather than their desktop or web app. Tester must know who will be their target users and what can be their expectation from the mobile. If you will know your target customers or audience then you can downsize the focus and testing efforts and find out what is essential for the app and what functionality must be there in the app, which could be liked or disliked. Online ios training, online android training programs can help in learning the complete process.

Testing Strategy and Plan

For any application there must be a properly planned strategy which must have complete guidelines to be followed. A proper and planned strategy can ensure sufficient test coverage and provide stability and consistency to the app. Online qa training can provide you better understanding of the concept.

Real Device Test

However the simulators or emulators can be used to test any app, but they are suitable for just early stage development, but the testing performed on the real device can ensure the better performance and provide real output of the operation. The tester or QA can know that how will the app look on the real device. So testing the app on real devices including mobile or any other handheld device can provide better result and provide the idea of performance. For this the tester can build a list of devices and OS like Android, Windows, iOS and others, for which you will design the test strategies. You can also avoid the outdated devices or use simulators or emulators for those devices.  One can learn the platform based development through any online ios development training program.

Test User Experience

As the app is designed for the user so user experience testing is very much important. The application must be tested properly for UI consistency, visual issues, custom device feedback, responsive design behavior, user journey execution and the application specific functionality, user interaction visualization and much more.

Test Web and Mobile App Separately

When the app is developed only for mobile then the testing process must consist of installation testing along with its launch process. Moreover the API connection testing may also be required. However if the application is a web or responsive app, then the network connection testing for mobile data, 2G, 3G, Wifi must be tested, moreover the test must be done for different browsers, load and performance testing must be done for web and mobile platforms both.

Automation Testing

Automation can improve the performance of any app and increase the testing speed as well. Especially for the responsive app automation testing can improve the testing speed drastically. Even addition of new test cases can also speed up the testing speed and the development process.

 Security Testing

Security or app vulnerability is one of the major concerns for every app. The app must be checked for authentication and encryption, the app must be checked for third party software or services and identify the malicious code or loop holes in the app, which can be a security risk for that particular app.

Check for app update or version launches as well

Any mobile or web app can have a number of versions in the future, so for this reason it is must to check the installation and un-installation processes along with the updates version installation. There must not e any issue in any of these processes.

The candidates can learn the testing through any online qa testing course. Many institutes provide such career oriented training with certification.


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